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Overwatch has become one of our most popular games in the community! At any given time it is easy to find players to have fun with in quick play. Every Wednesday is Overwatch night and we generally have multiple teams running on quick play to join in the fun on! IF you are looking to grind SR in comp with some friends, we do that from time to time too!

We also help develop Esports teams in Overwatch at colleges and universities. If you are looking for help creating a team whether at a college or not, feel free to contact us. We may have resources that can help you.

Rules for those joining Esports teams:

• Must be willing to accept constructive criticism

• Only give constructive criticism

• When joining the comp team you will be required to rank the roles you are interested in and may need to be flexible in what roles you play depending on team needs

• Team composition needs to be versatile in match/adjusting is going to be required at times

• Go in with an open mind on rank, keep your expectations realistic. We are playing with a mixed group of skill levels

• Remember there is a higher expectation of sportsmanship for Aura Fury competitive games

• Schedules will be decided ahead of time, if you cannot make it you need to say so well in advance so we can fill your role

• Match/Play review time will be required for the team