“Enchanting Vistas of Vintage Story”

Aura Fury Chiseled Painting Competition


VS Theme: anything related to VS such as scenery, lore piece, mob, daily life of the seraph



2x2 minimum up to 25 blocks in total size

Must be a square or rectangle in its orientation

Must have a frame

Name the painting with the chisel

A caption using signs below the painting (optional)


Time: Jan 15th thru Feb 15th

(Starting Early is allowed, but all submission are due by 11:59 PM CDT on 2/15)

Turn Paintings in to EconBrony when you are ready


Judges are Ashantin, Elvas and Saraty

(Thank you all three of you for judging, Aura Fury is lucky to have such amazing judges)



1st place prize $25 Steam Gift Card;

2nd place $20 Steam Gift Card;

3rd Place $15 Stream Gift Card

All competitors work will be featured on our website


Winners will be announce after the judges and voting is complete in the end of Febuary


To join, join the Aura Fury Discord at: discord.gg/aurafury

Request Whitelisting on Shimmering Heights and Mention the contest in #whitelist-request

Everyone is Welcome to Participate


View the amazing entries from last time here