Aura Fury proudly presents Fear the Night 2: GTC Edition for Minecraft 1.12.2. Our newest future length pack. This pack is aimed at players who fall inbetween gregtech hard mode and moderate packs. The recipes are balanced around Gregtech Classic and IC2 Classic, but will require you to use machines from multiple mods. It will soon future machines made specifically for this pack.

 The pack features a wide variety of mobs. You can create a farm, a dino zoo, or an army of minions, its completely up to you. Expect a bit of a challenge from the mobs, especially in the Nether like the original Fear the Night we made. Do not expect an easy time in Twilight Forest either. We wouldn't want you getting those hallow mountains without a challenge after all, right?

 There lots to explore including many biomes using BOP, RTG, and others. The pack has Twilight Forest and the Archaeology mod so there are extra dimensions to check out. Be careful though, there are dangers throughout the world.

 Currently this is a work in progress. A lot of changes are still coming. This is currently a test version, not a release version. The mods are pretty set, but more could be added and generation can be tweaked. Be sure to watch the changelogs.