We have a group of games we rotate through on game nights. Those games include: Civilization, Among Us, Command and Conquer, Rise of Nations, and Medal of Honor Allied Assault. We will be adding more games to this list as time goes on and do not be afraid to suggest games for our game night. To see which game is being played for game night, simply refer to our calendar. 

Medal of Honor Allied Assault is run as a free for all on our own private server. Makes for a fun night! MOHAA is one of our games we started Aura Fury with.

Command and Conquer is usually run as a free fall with all the participates for the night. We play Command and Conquer Remastered and occasionally Tiberium Sun.

Rise of Nations is run as a free for all, with wonder victories turned off. We fill in with computers if we do not have 8 players.

Among Us we jump in voice chat to discuss who is SUS, but do not allow talking when were not in meetings to keep to the game. Makes for a lot of fun!

Civilization is a newer game for us and were just getting our feet wet with it so to speak. Setting will be decided on that games night!