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We have been playing Ark for years now and was the second game for us to start hosting servers for. We play Ark with smaller mod packs custom made by our group. We currently have two friendly Ark Servers that are clustered together. They are set to PVE, but tribes are allowed to declare war on each other. PVP is not our focus, but we wanted the option for those who want to.

A new server cluster is coming soon! One server is running 12 GBs of RAM and the other server is Running 10 GBs of RAM. The servers run great and can handle a decent amount of people on at the same time. We may add one more map to the cluster in the future. The worlds are currently new and will not be reset until the community votes for the reset. We tend to run longer between resets to encourage larger build products and advancement in the server.

We are currently reworking the pack and getting ready to launch fresh worlds.

Current Ark Server pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2132709747

If you are interested in joining our server please apply to join!

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