Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special rules for streaming in Aura Fury such as notifying people that I am recording?

Can I still request donations in my streams even if I am mentioning Aura Fury being that Aura Fury is non-profit?

Do I have to post links to Aura Fury or put Aura Fury’s name in my content?

Do you run content creator events that promote and help grow content creators?

Does Aura Fury provide help and support for content creators?

How do I get listed on the Aura Fury website as a content creator?

I’m a content creator, can I post my content in Aura Fury?

Do I need to ask to join a voice channel I already have the role to?

Help I have no role and cannot access the #passport channel!

Hey I need help in your discord and need an admin!

How come your discord does not divide users by roles so I can tell who the admins are?

How do I add the region or pronoun roles added to me?

I do not have access to a channel I want to talk in, how do I gain access?

Is there a way to mute specific channels or categories in discord?

Are there Aura Fury Esports events?

Can I join the Esports Casting Team?

Can I run an Esports Event or a casual tournament?

Can I start an Aura Fury Esports team?

Do you need help running events?

How do I join an Aura Fury Esports team?

How do I register my team for Aura Fury Esports Events?

I am from a college or university, do you help setup Esports teams, gaming clubs or provide other resources?

I run an Esports team now, can my team join Aura Fury and I can still continue to run it?

What is the Esports Casting Team in Aura Fury?

Are you an “official non-profit” and do you have 501 c 3 status?

Are you looking for help with the Aura Fury Academy?

Can I see financial data from Aura Fury?

Do Aura Fury admins make any money or does Aura Fury make a profit?

Does Aura Fury have a podcast?

Does Aura Fury have a Privacy Policy? Does Aura Fury sell my information?

Does it cost anything to join Aura Fury?

How can I contact Aura Fury?

What games does Aura Fury play?

What is Aura Fury Academy?

What is Community Connections?

What is your Non-profit doing to help?

What sort of resources do you provide people?

Are there rules specific to games or servers?

Does it cost anything to join a server?

How do I get whitelisted on an Aura Fury server?

I want to suggest that x mod is put on x server, where can I do that?

What are your server specs?

What servers does Aura Fury run?

Where are your servers located?

Where can I make suggestions for Aura Fury or recommend a game for a server?

Where is x server address and x mods located?

Can I sponsor Aura Fury?

Do I get any benefits from supporting Aura Fury with money?

How can I support Aura Fury?

How much of the proceeds of the merch store make it to Aura Fury?

I would like to donate Aura Fury server space, can I do that?