Thank you for considering donating to Aura Fury! All the funds go towards paying for the servers, website, domain name/IP addresses, and our boosted discord. We run multiple game servers including a dedicated box and VMs on different hosts. The help is very much appreciated. At Aura Fury, we do not believe in heavy advertising for donations so you will not see advertisements on the server or in discord for our Patreon or Paypal. We also do not believe in pay to win servers so donating does not get you anything special on the servers or discord. You just get a big thank you from the admin team and community for your support. We do this to ensure a fun, fair and friendly community for all!


One time donations can be sent to the paypal or using Dogecoin, please request the paypal or Dogecoin wallet info from EconBrony


We also have a merch store to pick up some awesome stuff while supporting the community for contests, events, licensing, and software needed to run things. This item can be purchased here:


100% of all funds obtained through donations, patreon and the merch store go into making Aura Fury a great place to be!


Thanks again for your support!