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Vintage Story is a new game and a new server for us. We are running on Vanilla and version 1.13 (Seasons Update). If you have not given this game a go yet, it is a fun game, especially if you liked Terrafirmacraft. A normal reset of a Minecraft world happens after traffic in the world drops and were over 18 months old. The goal is to run things similarly for Vintage Story. Our current server has a 5 Ghz processor and 10 GBs of RAM. It pretty much overkill right now, but more is better when it comes to server specs :P

Vintage Story server will launch Sunday August 30th at 7 PM EST

Team make up is to be determined right now. I'd imagine we will fall in line with the way we have run other servers.

If you are interested in joining, please put in an application.

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