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We have always played a bit of Command and Conquer, mainly the classics. It certainly is exciting that the original and Red Alert have both been remastered so well. None of us are amazing C&C players so don't worry about that if you are interested in joining in some matches. We also play Command and Conquer Tiberium Sun from time to time.

Another one of our timeless favorites is Rise of Nations. We have some crew members that ranked nationally at one point playing this all the way to people who are new to it. If you have never played this game, its one of the best RTS games out there. We currently use the servers through the Steam game to play it, but we will be hosting games locally on our dedicated box soon.

We also love the classic Medal of Honor Allied Assault. The game can be purchased still on GOG. We will be hosting games on the dedicated box for this game.

We have been playing this and the above games since before we officially started Aura Fury.