Aug 1st Streams and Videos


Below is the schedule of streams and videos for Aug 1st. The time zones are listed first in the content creator's zone and then in Universal Time Zone (UTC) to make it easier to convert. Be sure to say hi to everyone you visit in the event and have fun! Stayed tuned, times are still subject to change and more streams/videos are being added!



Vintage Story and Minecraft 8 AM CEST (6 AM UTC)



Vintage Story 9 AM BST (8 AM UTC)


Mischief of Mice:

Vintage Story 11 AM to 3 PM+ BST (10 AM to 2 PM+ UTC)



Minecraft 10 AM CST (3 PM UTC)



Vanilla Minecraft 15:00 BST (3:00 PM UTC)



Minecraft 6PM CEST (4 PM UTC)



Minecraft 5 PM to 8 PM GMT+2 (4 PM to 7 PM UTC)



Overwatch 11 AM PST (6 PM UTC)


[Winston Whitetail]

Vintage Story 4 PM to 8 PM PST (11 PM to 3 AM UTC)


Guilt Culture

Overwatch 7 PM EST (Aug 2nd 12 AM UTC)



Overwatch 7 PM CDT (Aug 2nd 1 AM UTC)



Overwatch 8 PM EST (Aug 2nd 1 AM UTC)