Rules for across the entire community and all servers:

  • Be respectful of other members
  • Report Issues about mods and games to Aura Fury Admins first, not mod creators (Issue could be specific to us)
  • No Nudity in the forums or main group discord
  • No Spam
  • Do not advertise other groups in forums, on servers, or in discord
  • Do not post personal information that would give away your location in the forums
  • Zero Tolerance for griefing
  • Build with significant distance from other player bases (except when you have permission)
  • No stealing (even if they have a lot of an item and would never know)
  • Do not use other player's machines without permission
  • Do not bother other player's animals without permission

Minecraft and Vintage Story Server Rules

  • No Buildcraft Quarries over water
  • Do not leave large amounts of running water (out in the world or for automatization)
  • No more than 10 of the same animal in one area
  • Do not connect Alvearies directly to each other with item pipes/conduit/Me Cable (BC Pipes are ok)
  • Do not connect GT steam turbines with item pipe
  • Do not connect hoppers to item pipe
  • Do not use other players' power without permission
  • All automatic systems must have an automatic cutoff (preferred) or voiding of excess items. Overflows may not drop items into the world
  • Do not destroy the roads or take the lanterns beside them on Vintage Story
  • Max of 27 chunks loaded via loaders per individual playing on there own
  • Teams get 27 chunks loaded + 9 for each teammate

Ark Server Rules

  1. No building inside/near artifact caves or locations. No blocking access to them. If you do not know which caves artifact caves are, ask an admin in-game or post in Discord.
  2. No building/blocking entrances inside/near bee cave in ISO.
  3. No building/blocking of Aberration Zone entrances in Valguero.
  4. No spamming of pillars/foundations near beach spawn locations to prevent new players from building. Structure decay will automatically remove non-base structures in 48 hours.
  5. No meshing. Some terrain will not line up with the world border and can be walked into without any meshing methods. These areas are not considered meshing and are allowed as there are several in ISO.
  6. Tribes/players caught bullying other players (caging or keeping prisoner indefinitely) is punishable either by wipe or ban (case by case basis).
  7. Any exploit abuse will be stopped and/or be punishable by wipe or ban (case by case basis).
  8. No grieving with raid-level wild dinosaurs (Wild Giga/Wild Titano/Wild Wyvern/Wild Rock Elemental)
  9. Each tribe can build up to 3 bases per map.
  10. Keep tribe names the same across the cluster.
  11. All rules subject to change and/or additions


All our servers have youtubers and streamers on them that can be recording at anytime. By joining our community you consent to being recorded in our community