Our Mission: Making casual and professional gaming a fun space where people matter

Aura Fury is a gaming community where people matter. We understand that people are who make a gaming community special and the place where you want to spend your free time. We want you to feel safe, accepted, and part of a community where you can both have fun in and relax after a long day.

Our community is made of folks that are from all around the world and speak multiple languages. They come from many walks of life, many different genders, sexual preferences, races, ages ranging mainly from 18 to over 70, and more! At Aura Fury we are all people, and we love the world.

We currently run multiple baremetal servers and container boxes so at any given time we can be running from 5-10 game servers. We strive to ensure low lag and low downtimes on all our servers. Our game servers are, for the most part, casual play. We do run contests, competitions, and esports teams as well. Along with video games we dabble in Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop games.

Our community is involved in developing and testing mods and mod packs for games. Some of the content has been published and some has been kept within the group. We have an active voice chat with diverse topics. There is always something to do in Aura Fury.

Aura Fury promises to never make our servers pay-to-win. We promise to keep worlds running on servers as long as there are still players on them given there are no technical issues or game changes that force it. Whenever a world is taken down, we promise to make the world files available for you to download. Aura Fury will always be here and has been for over 10 years.

Aura Fury runs like a non-profit now and will be officially filing as non-profit in January 2022.



Aura Fury's 2nd Logo