Aura Fury Gaming is a community of gamers who enjoy gaming together on servers and chatting. Our aim is to build a friendly, grief free community. We strive to ensure each member added to the community helps the community grow. We are currently made up of almost all 18+ members who play a range of games. We also have multiple members who live stream or do youtube series on our servers.

We currently run servers for Minecraft, Ark, and Vintage Story. We do play games outside of private servers as well such as Overwatch, Command and Conquer, and Rise of Nations. We will soon own our own server box with a gigabit connection. To see certain server specs please visit the game page for the game you want to know more about. Future plans for game servers include Starbound and Eco, more to be added at a later date.

We are also involved in development of mods, mod packs, and mod testing. Some of the content is published for the public while other content saved just for our group.

If you would like to join us, submit our simple user application and join our forums. After app is submitted an administrator will e-mail you back soon.